“We founded SCOON to connect with people that want to shop the things they love from brands that care, but don’t always know where to start. We can relate, because we were those customers.

By researching the online field thoroughly, we came across a significant (and ever-growing) number of sustainable and stylish brands. We realised how difficult and time-consuming it is for customers to get all the facts straight and find what they’re looking for. What we missed was a shopping destination for the most exciting sustainable and ethical quality products, and so we created SCOON: a well curated platform that has done the research for you. In this way, we want to make it easy and fun to shop brands that care, combining ethics, aesthetics and accessible pricing.”

“Eager to become an international fashion buyer, I studied International Fashion Management. I learned about producing 4 collections a year for a fashion calendar that is completely out of sync with the end customer, damaging for sales and - obviously - very unsustainable. Why launch a winter collection in August and discount it right before winter has even started? Why buy & produce with the knowledge of selling 30% at full price, 30% at sale price and 40% not to be sold? What to do with all this leftover stock that is in great shape but no longer ‘in season’? These questions definitely impacted my view on fashion and consuming in general. Finally, watching the documentary A True Cost made me sick to my stomach. I was determined to do something.

Moreover, the birth of my first son changed my perspective. I want my children to grow up in a healthy environment and to be able to enjoy nature, just like I did when I was young. I realised that in the 20 years I had spent in the damaging fast fashion industry, not much had changed. So I decided to make a change myself, and set the right example for my children.

In my research, I came across more and more brands that were doing things differently: sustainable and eco-friendly, making a positive impact. I felt inspired. I decided to use my experience in fashion e-commerce to help these brands get more exposure and access to bigger audiences. And so we founded SCOON.STORE, to support brands that care and to make the switch to sustainable shopping easy and accessible to everyone.”

“For me, there were two main reasons to get into clean beauty and sustainable shopping. Like many others, I became more aware of my choices and the impact they make on the environment when I had my first baby. Same as Guusje, it got me thinking about what world my children were about to grow up in and I want them to be able to enjoy nature as much as I do. I started to do more research on what I was buying, reading labels and trying to understand where and how things are being produced. What’s the impact on people (making and using it) and on the environment. 

At the time, I was working in marketing at Unilever’s Prestige Beauty Department. I saw exciting innovations in natural beauty formulations and packaging, and was convinced that sustainability would be key in the development of the beauty industry. Since then there has been an increasing interest in an environmentally friendly beauty and fashion future worldwide. For me it just feels so much better to buy products from brands that care. I think that more and more people come to this conclusion, especially now. This explains the growing number of trendy eco-brands, showing that style and quality don’t have to be sacrificed for sustainability.

From a business point of view, my Unilever CEO at the time strongly believed that doing something good for the world should be part of a company’s core business plan. I agree that companies should be able to do both: be profitable and include social and environmental factors in all their business decisions. There definitely is a market for a serious sustainable lifestyle platform like ours.