When it comes to shopping more meaningfully, we had many questions. What brands really care about their production process, ingredients and materials used
And where can I find them? 

We couldn’t find a place that felt transparant and modern, where you can shop all of the best-in-class in one place so we made one.


SCOON handpicks the best clean beauty and sustainable style brands from around the world, creating a curated and easy shopping experience for you and a fair marketplace for our brand partners. All brands have been carefully selected, so shopping with us means you’ll always be in good company. We’re basically your filter for shopping more meaningful.



SCOON is the creation of Guusje Wentrup and Marloes Garben, a Dutch duo with decades of experience in the world of beauty, marketing, e-commerce and fashion. Passionate about the world around them and the trend towards more conscious living, they created Scoon as an antidote to fast fashion and toxic beauty. You can read up on them here


the founders Guusje and Marloes


Our purpose is to introduce people to exciting new brands, and help to make the switch to clean beauty and sustainable fashion fun and easy. We are dedicated to finding brands that use non-toxic, cruelty-free ingredients, sustainable production methods and reduced packaging and waste, without compromising on quality and performance.

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