Why we love it: Sloanie's line of basic underwear provides you with the highest quality, softest garments, and a clean conscience.

Soft underwear is underrated, and difficult to get hold of. The founders behind Sloanie got tired of large European underwear houses coasting on their brands, failing to bring you a premium product to slip into every morning. So they decided to create something better. They firmly believe in transparency and traceability. That’s why they built a supply chain that has sustainability and ethical production woven through each stage. Sloanie make their super-soft undies from TENCEL™ Modal, which is made from cellulose found in Austrian beech trees. It's an entirely vegan, biodegradable and compostable material derived from renewable wood sources. Using innovative and unique technologies, their Austrian manufacturer is leading the industry in terms of sustainability. Inspired by the circular nature of the ecological cycle of trees, their closed loop process is low carbon and minimises energy usage, wastewater resource intensity and harmful emissions. It’s so impressive that they are able to recover and reuse up to 95% of production materials.