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Introducing Curated By, a new series in which experts, tastemakers and friends of SCOON curate their selection.



It's safe to say the stunning Sarah Chronis is a woman with many talents. She starred in well-known Dutch movies, series and theater productions, won game show 'Wie Is De Mol?' and this year she became the mom of a beautiful baby boy.

Being a vegetarian and with a big love for nature, Sarah has built a lifestyle with sustainability in mind which is one of the reasons we were so excited to learn more about her journey towards sustainability.



1. Can you tell us a little about what brought you to sustainable shopping in the first place?


I saw a documentary about how many kilos of clothing are thrown away every day. It was so sad to see and it really got me thinking about the whole industry. I shop so much less now. When I shop for clothing, I want it to be sustainable and high quality, so that I can wear it for a long time.



2. How is all of this reflected in your daily life?


When I was a student I was looking for fast and cheap. That whole lifestyle has changed now. I think it's so important to be conscious about all the things we use and consume. All small things help. I don't like to throw away anything, so I recycle as much as possible. I eat organic, vegetarian food and try to live as conscious as possible. I am much happier now and enjoy little things life brings.



3. SCOON came to life because we felt it was hard to find one place for modern 'Brands that Care’ that don’t compromise on style and performance. Even with its growing popularity, a lot of people still think sustainable clothing and beauty are for tree huggers, what is your response to that? 


I guess we need more education on the matter. It seems as if the seriousness of our overconsumption problem has not sunk in yet. And it's ignorant to think that fashion and sustainability don't go together. I hope to be able to inspire people around me to live more consciously.



4. We believe there is nothing better than gifting something that’s been made with care. With the holiday season coming up soon, what are the things you look for in buying gifts?


I think it's all about the love and care someone puts into their craft. If you buy from local and small companies that make hand crafted items with good materials, you know for sure that the quality is great and that the items will last for a very long time.