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Beautiful feed, timeless style and little words, we love Hanneke Tsujimaru!

Hanneke describes herself as a fashion lover, sushi addict and coffee girl which is reflected in her aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed. Some may say her feed is a delight for obsessive-compulsive people, due to its picture perfectness and her eye for detail.

When sitting down, we talked about Hanneke's view on living more sustainably and what to look for when buying gifts this upcoming holiday season.

1. Can you tell us a little about what brought you to sustainable shopping in the first place?

It’s very difficult to live fully sustainable but I believe that all ‘small’ things help to contribute. Trying to be conscious of the sourcing and only buy what you need allowed me to make a start with this.

2. How is all of this reflected in your daily life?

  • I try to wash my clothes only when it’s really necessary.
  • I separate my waste.
  • I like to sell or donate items I don't wear or use anymore.
  • I think before I buy. Do I really need it? Will I be wearing this a lot, and also next year?
  • I try to buy basic items I can wear and combine over and over again.
  • We purchased an electric car.
  • We have an Aarke carbonator, so no water bottles from the supermarket.
  • We eat a lot of vegetarian meals.

3. SCOON came to life because we felt it was hard to find one place for modern ’Brands that Care’ that don’t compromise on style and performance. Even with its growing popularity, a lot of people still think sustainable clothing and beauty are for tree huggers, what is your response to that?

So not true. There are so many cool brands that care. 

4. We believe there is nothing better than gifting something that’s been made with care. With the holiday season coming up soon, what are the things you look for in buying gifts?

I like to gift presents which are useful and really makes the person I gift it to happy. No crap stuff. I’d rather buy one nice thing than 10 crappy things.