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Introducing Curated By, a new series in which experts, tastemakers and friends of SCOON curate their selection.






For this Curated By edit, we asked power woman Chanel Trapman, to share her SCOON favourites and her journey towards more conscious living. Chanel is deeply committed to changing the fashion industry for the better and launched her own conscious campaign agency Mumster to make content and documentaries that matter.

In this edit, Chanel shares with us what made her embark on her journey of conscious living and all of her hopes for the 'new normal'. 


Where does your sustainable drive come from?


The moment I realised I was contributing to the unhappiness of other women and children my whole life changed 180 degrees. I wanted to use my own skills to contribute to change. I was shocked by the fact that I wasn't aware about the dark side of the fashion industry and spent so much money on dirty fashion. I was shocked by myself and determined to use my own experience to make a change. 


What are your favourite places to shop for clothing and what do you take into consideration before you decide to buy?


I prefer to buy second-hand and vintage, it gives me a great feeling to find something unique, while giving a clothing piece a second-life instead of adding it to the ever growing textile waste pile. Every second a truck full of textile waste gets dumped. I want to change that with the things I buy. 


SCOON came to life because we felt it was hard to find one place for modern ’Brands that Care’ that don’t compromise on style and performance. Sustainability is becoming more mainstream with new sustainable brands launching every day, what do you think of this movement?


IT IS ABOUT TIME! It is time that people that want to buy more consciously can actually get rewarded by buying sustainable and fashionable clothing!


With Corona putting everything on hold, people are saying that this is the time to make big changes and create a new normal, what do you hope will change in the fashion industry?


I hope that bigger brands will set the right example, by giving consumers the opportunity to buy more consciously in a very easy way and show other brands it is possible to produce in a sustainable way. I hope that consumers will also take responsibility themselves. For example, by buying less and better, by taking good care of their clothes and repairing them, or by giving them a second-life. It's also about learning to consume clothes in a different way like renting, borrowing or swapping. I hope that people will invest more time and love in developing their own style and wardrobe so they avoid clothing ending up as waste. I hope that the market will innovate quicker, so more sustainable production processes will become available for all brands. This way the whole market can grow towards a more sustainable future. And lastly, I hope that the government will support both consumers and the market to become more sustainable by initiating awareness campaigns and investing in innovative projects. In this way we can move towards a sustainable fashion industry together!



Chanel her top 5 favourites of SCOON

  1. Evolve Hydration Heaven
    I am very passionate about everything I do. I try to support all the heroes in the sustainable fashion industry with everything I've got. So the last couple of years I forgot to take care of myself  a little bit and especially for my skin. It has always been a struggle for me to drink enough water for example. So I really like this HYDRATION HEAVEN SET, because it will help me hydrate the most important organ of all, my skin. When I take better care of myself, I am able to make more impact for these sustainable fashion heroes.

  2. Ilia Multi Stick
    I really love a natural look and I as a young mother, entrepreneur and all the other roles, I just don't have the time for a long make-up ritual. So I don't wear a lot of make-up, but at the same time I don't really feel 'Chanel' if I don't wear lipstick. So the Multi-Stick is the perfect solution for me. Giving colour to my lips and cheeks!

  3. The Ohm Collection Deodorant
    During the many inspiring projects we do with MUMSTER, I am used to run like a crazy person. For me it is essential to feel and smell fresh during the whole day, because then I can really fly and don't have to feel insecure. So that is why I really love to take the Deodorant Cream Orange Blossom with me.

  4. TET Alon One Piece Ice Tea
    About 6 years ago I bought a bikini at Primark... yes.. I know... Since then, I haven't bought a new one. So I would really love to finally get rid of the old bikini (which is also broken by the way) and replace it with this amazing looking and more important, sustainable one piece. I would definitely smash it on the beach with this one. 

  5. The Knotty Ones Nida Sweater
    I have never found a fashionable and comfy knit. Usually the knit is too big or too small, too long or too short, there is always a reason why I don't wear it. UNTIL I discovered this knit by The Knotty Ones. Since I found it, I can not think of a reason why not to wear it haha! It looks good on everything at every occasion.