Curated By

Introducing Curated By, a new series in which experts, tastemakers and friends of SCOON curate their selection.




She's living proof you can find beautiful treasures on flea markets and build a capsule wardrobe without the need to buy fast fashion. The lovely Alisson Simmonds believes in supporting ethical practices and hopes to empower women.

Wanting to share her journey to a more sustainable lifestyle, Alisson started a blog. This is where she gives tips on sustainable fashion, plant-based food, natural parenting and organic beauty, and she's inspiring us to make positive changes as well. We were excited to get to know her and learn more about her view on sustainability.



1. Can you tell us a little about what brought you to sustainable shopping in the first place? 


For me, it all started back in 2015 after watching the documentary `The True Cost´. Before this, I already had a weird feeling every time I went to fast fashion shops, especially during sales. Seeing t-shirts for €2 or jeans for €5. It didn't feel okay for clothes to be so cheap. After watching the documentary everything became clear. Clothes cannot be cheap without one or more parts of the production process being exploited. Garment workers are paid less than a living wage, they work in poor working conditions with very long hours, and are often harassed by their bosses. Once I found out about this, I couldn't support fast fashion anymore. Since 2015 my sustainable fashion journey began. 



2. How is all of this reflected in your daily life? 


Since I started being more conscious about fashion, simultaneously I started to be more conscious about my lifestyle. Together with my partner we started to eat more plant-based, we reduce plastic as much as possible, we changed to a more sustainable bank as well as a greener health insurance. For me, every decision that I have to make, I try to make it as sustainable as possible. 



3. SCOON came to life because we felt it was hard to find one place for modern ’Brands that Care’ that don’t compromise on style and performance. Even with its growing popularity, a lot of people still think sustainable clothing and beauty are for tree huggers, what is your response to that? 


I would say they should take a look at SCOON and see sustainable fashion brands for themselves ;) 



4. We believe there is nothing better than gifting something that’s been made with care. With the holiday season coming up soon, what are the things you look for in buying gifts? 


Something that I have been doing the last few years is writing down my wish list and ask for the wish list from the people I am buying presents for. That way I am sure I will get what I want and will give a present that will not be sent back or thrown away. Before I buy something new, I like to stroll around second-hand and charity shops. Most of the time I find the perfect gift which looks as if it's new. If I cannot find what I was looking for while thrifting, I continue by looking at sustainable brands. I often use the search engine ProjectCeCe.