Curated By

Introducing Curated By, a new series in which experts, tastemakers and friends of SCOON curate their selection.



Sometimes a student, sometimes a web designer, sometimes a barista, and sometimes a model for ethical & sustainable brands (like Mud Jeans!)... This is a busy girl. 

We sat down with the lovely Angelique Janssen for her second Curated By series with SCOON. We closely follow her blog and Insta @angelique_janssen for inspiration and we're excited to share her view on sustainable shopping as well as her edit of the our SCOON fashion collection.

Where does your sustainable drive come from?

Hmm, I’m not really sure how to put this into words. It’s one of those things where once you know what’s going on and you’re aware of how to do better, you can’t look back. I catch myself feeling very guilty if I buy something while knowing there is a better, more sustainable option. Besides that, it’s almost like training your eye to see different ways to improve your lifestyle.  For example, I switched to glass Tupperware to store food in my kitchen, and I have been slowly questioning other items in my kitchens such as kitchen towels and the kinds of sponges I use. I also find lots of joy in exploring new alternatives, it feels so exciting when you find a more sustainable option — you kind of feel like “Ah! Yes, this is actually so much better." It makes me want to share it with all my friends, which is actually one of the reasons why I have chosen to share this kind of content through my Instagram :-)

What are your favourite places to shop for clothing and what do you take into consideration before you decide to buy?

For the past two years, I have mainly bought my clothing from vintage/second-hand shops or online marketplaces. There are actually so many cool vintage Instagram accounts and also apps like Vestiaire & Depop are great places to look for pieces, next to your local vintage shops. With vintage, I think it’s important to check the quality and state of the clothing piece. Does it look & feel like it can still last me a long time? Or is it already almost worn out? Also questioning how I will style this piece when I will wear it, how practical it actually is — these are all questions I ask myself. From time to time I will check out some “new” brands that focus on sustainability and ethical practices, but since these brands tend to be a little bit more pricey, I always like to give myself some time to think about the piece before buying it. I sleep a few nights on it, check my closet to see how I will use this new item, daydream about it (lols!) and then finally decide to purchase it. 

SCOON came to life because we felt it was hard to find one place for modern “Brands that Care” that don’t compromise on style and performance. Sustainability is becoming more mainstream with new sustainable brands launching every day, what do you think of this movement?

I love it! Honestly, this is the way the fashion world should have always been, unfortunately, I think we got caught up in trends and everything being fast, fast, fast (& cheap). I think this movement is awesome because sustainable and ethical fashion used to be associated with “boring, plain, basics”. I always like to compare this movement to the whole vegetarian and vegan movement. 10 years ago that was seen as a lame, hippie movement that seemed very boring (despite the great & positive environmental effects it has). Now I think fashion is going through the same thing. People are really starting to value and stand behind brands that are being responsible. Sustainable fashion is going to be the next cool thing (now lets hope that this is a trend that actually sticks) ;-). 

With Corona putting everything on hold, people are saying that this is the time to make big changes and create a new normal, what do you hope will change in the fashion industry?

Ah, this is the perfect question to close off the interview, as I think my answer will be a summary of everything above. First of all, I hope that the fashion industry (the brands, the stores, the people in charge of their plans) will shift to be more sustainable and responsible. Question everything; how many seasons or drops do we need or are really necessary? How can we do things differently, better? The new normal should be innovative, responsible & create a positive feeling for the future of the fashion industry. Secondly, I hope that there will be a shift in the mindset of consumers. Also question everything; what do I really need? What kind of brands do I want to support? Are they in line with what I stand for as well? Am I proud to shop there? I’m very curious to look back in a few years and see how this period has shifted the fashion industry. 

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