By the time you’ve left your house in the morning, you’ve probably exposed yourself to over 100 toxins from your skincare and beauty regime alone (according to the latest research, the average woman uses about 12 beauty products a day).

Parabens, phthalates, PEGs, chemical sunscreens, synthetic fragrances and mineral oil are just a few of the toxic ingredients which have been linked to harmful health effects, from a simple skin rash to hormone disruption and even the dreaded ‘C’ word. Fancy some antifreeze (propylene glycol) or gasoline by-product (mineral oil) in your moisturiser? We didn’t think so.

The beauty industry is still surprisingly unregulated, which means that brands are at liberty to choose whatever buzzwords they want for their marketing campaigns. Just because a product is touted as ‘natural’, ‘green’ or ‘botanical’ on the label, it doesn’t necessarily mean the ingredients inside are. What you see, isn’t always what you get…

At SCOON we’re following a new standard in beauty called ‘clean’. What exactly does this mean? It means products are created without any proven or suspected toxic ingredients – so you won’t find any junk fillers or preservatives with unpronounceable names. We have carefully chosen products made with natural, organic and ethically sourced ingredients that are as kind to your body as they are to the environment. And while clean beauty is not regulated, we are doing our bit by making sure we are transparent in all our communications and by choosing to only work with positive impact brands who share our philosophy of non-toxic, cruelty-free ingredients and sustainable working practices.

Clean beauty products aren’t just a healthier choice for your body and the planet. These days clean beauty products are sleek, luxurious and just as effective (if not more) as mainstream beauty products. And there’s a whole world of beautiful clean beauty brands out there! Our goal is to help you find the latest clean products from the most exciting modern beauty brands, all in one convenient place. And with our ‘Filter for good filter’ you can easily select products across categories based on the 'clean' criteria that matter to you most.

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