A new year for SCOON with so many new brands and plans lined up, we can't help but feel pretty excited about it.


Time for a catch up with co-founder Marloes. Here, we get the skinny on her sustainable drive, her favourite products, as well as what we can expect from SCOON this year.


Tell us a little about what brought you to clean beauty and sustainable shopping in the first place.
There were two main reasons actually. When I became a first time mum, like many others, I started to become more conscious of my choices, the impact of these choices on the environment and the world my children grow up in. At the same time, while I was working for Unilever in the Prestige beauty department on Marketing I was excited by the opportunities in natural beauty, the innovations in more sustainable formulations and packaging and became even more convinced that this is the future.



Even with its growing popularity, a lot of people still think sustainable clothing and beauty are for tree huggers, what is your response to that?
Not any more! There are so many great new brands out there that develop clothing or beauty products with sustainable and ethical practices as part of their core values, without compromising on style and quality. Also, it just feels so much better to buy products from brands that care, and I think that more and more people feel that too, especially in these times;) From a business point of view, my Unilever CEO at the time Paul Polman was a strong believer in delivering both: developing sustainable, ethical products without compromising on quality and performance, as well as building a successful business. I am a true believer of that too, there is a market for a serious sustainable lifestyle platform, next to all the existing small eco shops out there.



What are the most important questions you ask yourself when considering what products to purchase? How is this different from a year ago?
The questions everyone should be asking are the same as they were a year ago—with a few additions. Fundamentally, you want to know that: 1) your product is made with clean non-toxic ingredients 2) takes into account the environment and 3) the product was manufactured the right way, with high-quality ingredients, in a legitimate facility. The only thing I’d add now is to ask why a brand is referring to sustainability. It has almost become a marketing tool rather than a value proposition. This is also why we feel it’s only worth something if it’s part of the brands’ DNA, not just an add-on, to overcome greenwashing practices.



Your clueless BFF comes to you and says, "Loes, just tell me what to buy!" What do you recommend to her?
It depends on what she needs it for, but these are generally my go-to recommendations for each of the "Big Needs."

Home favourites /casual: I am living in my Knotty Ones Tommy cardigan at the moment, it’s so soft and comfy. Also I am a big fan of Teym sweaters. They are just perfect, great quality that really lasts and beautiful colours to choose from. Actually I have already convinced many people around me to buy them too. Finally, at this time of the year I love a good fragrance candle. Palais has really nice fragrances, accessible and not too overwhelming and the Matt & Nat candles look nice and clean, all are sustainably made from soy wax.

Sportswear: I haven’t bought new sportswear recently (won’t fit into anything with my pregnant belly;) but the SCOON team is extremely excited about our new Girlfriend Collective collection so I cannot wait to try them myself.

Skincare: At the moment I am a big fan of the Madara total renewal night cream and ultimate face lift day cream. My skin is quite dry at the moment, but the rich and clean ingredients help to stay hydrated as well as working on some fine lines too.



What's your ultimate goal for SCOON? Where do you see the company in five years from now? Or what do you wish to accomplish this year for SCOON?
We've got many exciting new plans for this year including the launch of a baby and kids category, a stronger positive impact program, as well as expanding SCOON into new markets. We look forward to growing this together with all our customers and ambassadors we have met along the way.


Girlfriend Collective
High-Rise Compressive Leggings Black


The Knotty Ones
Tommy Cardigan



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