A very first step into making more conscious choices might be challenging you think. But Celina, our e-commerce girl, has embarked on her journey into a more sustainable lifestyle, which has been enriching and fun she explains.

“Before I started working for SCOON I was not that much aware of the impact of the clothing & beauty industry. Understanding more of it now has totally changed my mindset. It feels so much better purchasing from a brand that is caring for the society, the environment, and made by people with true passion. I have now discovered new brands that inspire me, brands I have fallen in love with. Here are my favourites:


Old Habits Die Hard, Slim Triangle Hat –  “My favourite accessory at the moment. The look of their hats is unique, modern and cool. Everything is produced in small batches in Europe with attention to detail.”


Casa Raki, Ana Bikini – “This has honestly become the best bikini I ever owned. A modest elegant look, but more importantly outstanding quality. Made of recycled materials and produced in Europe.”


Riley Studio, Human Kind T-Shirt – “Riley Studio offers many amazing basics that work with any look. I love the fact that their t-shirts are sustainably made from organic and recycled materials and produced in Europe. This was my first buy and the perfect start to a more sustainable wardrobe.”


Grown Alchemist, Polishing Facial Exfoliant - “This vegan facial scrub became an important part of my new daily face routine. It smells amazing and leaves me with super soft baby skin.”  


BYBI, Buriti Booster “This booster works wonders on my skin. Since I included it in my daily routine my skin has a much more even tone. I love the glow the booster gives me. I like to use it on it own but you can also mix it with your daily moisturizer.


HOZEN, Belt Bag – “Such a cool vegan leather bag you cannot distinguish from real leather. It is made from pineapple pulp, and produced in small batches. Also, for every purchase HOZEN donates 10% to Mercy for Animals, an international nonprofit animal protection organization. 


Her final thought: “Making the sustainable choice for me is about being part of a movement that will determine our future and it feels amazing.” 


Belt Bag

€109.50 €219.00

Riley Studio
Human Kind' Classic T-Shirt


Grown Alchemist
Polishing Facial Exfoliant




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